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Продукция Raisecom в Украине

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Решения Raisecom.  

Business Connections:

Leverage Services over Legacy and Packet Networks

Solution Description
Offer a sustainable solution to seamless delivery of multi-types of leased line services over legacy and packet transport network. Dual-core platforms design as well as diversified choices of service cards allow service providers to achieve structured investment as the business grows.

• Deliver legacy voice and data traffics together with MEF-compliant service types by aggregating a wide range of circuit emulation and Carrier Ethernet CPEs
• Sufficient switching capacity and bandwidth, high port density, easy-to-use GUI configuration, and environment friendly power design
• Full suite of Ethernet OAM enables performance monitoring and trouble-shooting functions
• Comprehensive redundancy design for transporting mission-critical services
• Save on Carrier CAPEX and OPEX for smooth migration from TDM to cost-effective broadband Ethernet access
• Applicable to multi-G mobile backhaul applications

Available Products
iTN2100, iTN201, RC552, RC1104

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