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Продукция Raisecom в Украине

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Решения Raisecom.  

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Ethernet Services with Auto-provisioning and Y.1564

Solution Description
Transforms massive deployment, configuration, and service initialization into a straightforward and automated workflow.
Consistent SLA-based traffic is verified against service activation criteria (SAC), using Y.1564-based service turn-up testing (SAT) methods with simultaneous multi-CoS test flows.

• Management tunnels can be established automatically via pre-defined metrics used between Raisecom management devices and newly-added remote devices, and adaptable to MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networks
• Improved efficiency while generating configuration files for remote Carrier Ethernet terminals
• One-touch (power-on) initialization the auto-provisioning of remote devices
• Advanced Y.1564 SAT configuration tool with exportable test reports ensures continuous transparency of network conditions
• Intuitive auto-provisioning and SAT GUI tools lead to additional savings on CAPEX and OPEX

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