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Продукция Raisecom в Украине

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Решения Raisecom.  

Small and Medium Business Access:

Copper-based VPN Connections for Distributed Financial System

Solution Description
  Utilize existing copper lines to deliver VPN solution for a distributed financial system with business-level connectivity and expanded bandwidth.

• Extend SLA-based services over existing copper infrastructure
• MSG solutions with L3 routing functions (RIPv2 and OSPF) save additional router expenditure and maintenance efforts for SME
• Latest G.SHDSL.bis technology allows higher bandwidth delivered with minimized costs
• Safety features including IPSec, VPNSec and Firewall keep SME networks fully protected
• Allow pay-as-you-grow smooth evolution from copper to fiber networks based on the integrated aggregation platform

Available Products
iTN2100, MSG2110-SHDSL

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