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GPON Standalone GPON OLT:

 ISCOM5508-GP is a compact GPON OLT with enhanced functionality compliant with GPONs ITU-T G.984 standard. The device can support up to 8 GPON, 10 GE and 2 x 10GE interfaces. The complete modular design of the ISCOM5508-GP allows great flexibility in deploying, maintaining and expanding services at reduced CAPEX and TCO. Designed for large enterprises, SME and residential fiber access, the ISCOM5508-GP offers rich features to deliver tripleplay services, simplify management, and provide high network reliability. Security is assured by implementations of RADIUS and/or TACACS+, while maximum network uptime is guaranteed by ring protection mechanism, real-time monitoring and hot-swappable redundant power supplies. ISCOM5508-GP also supports multi-purpose access and aggregation PON and xDSL traffics at the same time.

Available with up to 12 x GE and 2 x 10G interfaces, or 8 x GPON ports
Support up to 1:128 split ratio, 20km transmission distance and 1,024 ONUs per full-load 1U chassis
Support upstream wavelength of 1310nm and downstream wavelength of 1490nm
Support VLAN, QinQ, QoS, DBA and SLA
Support Link diagnostic, port backup/isolation/protection/monitoring, bi-directional FEC
Support ARP, DHCP relay, DHCP v4/v6, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, IPv4, IPv6
Support ACL based on MAC, ACL map, port-based mirroring
Support Anti-DDoS, RADIUS, TACACS+, Storm control
Support RIP v1/v2, OSFP, Service classification per port/VLAN/CoS (DSCP),
Support SP, WRR, DRR and SP+WRR scheduling modes
Support SFP digital diagnostic (DDM), FAN, CPU, voltage and temperature monitoring
ITU-T G.984 (GPON), ITU Y.1731/SLA Services OAM, ITU-T G.8021
CE and RoHS compliant, RMON I and II standards
CLI, Telnet, SSHv2 and SNMP (NView compatible)

System and Sub-cards
ISCOM5508-GP4A: GPON expandable slot
ISCOM5508-GE4B: GE expandable slot
RPA1101-Sl-220S12-Fn: hot-swappable AC power supply
RPD1101-48S12-Fn: hot-swappable DC power supply
FANS306: hot-swappable intelligent fan

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