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 ISCOM5800E is a 7U medium-sized OLT system in the Raisecom EPON portfolio. It provides
a cost-effective solution for triple-play service delivery in distributed rural residential areas with powerful routing and switching capability. It can also be a part of a concentrated transportation ring and aggregate standalone OLTs or up to 2,560 ONUs at a split ratio of 1:64. ISCOM5800E is future-proof for growing bandwidth demands, and helps FTTH network builders to leverage capital and operational costs.

Available with mixed pluggable up to 40 x GE and 4 x 10GE interfaces for uplink and up to 44 x EPON interfaces for downlink
Support 2 x SMC control module supporting real-time redundancy
Support up to 1:64 split ratio, 20km transmission distance and 2,560 ONUs per full-load 6U chassis
Support upstream wavelength of 1310nm and downstream wavelength of 1490nm
Support ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet ring protection switching (ERPS) with a sub 50ms recovery time
Support storm control of broadcast, multicast and DLF
Support trunk group and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
Support 1+1 automatic protection and link diagnostic for each PON port
Support VLAN, QinQ, QoS, DBA and assured SLA
Support IEEE802.3ah, 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731/SLA
Support IGMP, Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR), DHCP and Option 82
Support AES-128 encryption and triple churning
Hot-swappable redundant power supply
CLI, Telnet, SSHv2 and SNMP (NView compatible)

System and Sub-cards
ISCOM5800E-15-A, 7U/15-slot chassis with integrated ventilation module only
ISCOM5800E-SMCB, system management and control card with switching capacity of 176Gbps
ISCOM5800E-EP4A, EPON service card with 4 x EPON SFP interfaces
ISCOM5800-2PON, EPON service card with 2 x EPON SFP interfaces
ISCOM5800E-GE8A, GE service card with 8 x GE SFP interfaces
ISCOM5800-4GE, GE service card with 4 x GE combo interfaces
ISCOM5800-2GE, GE service card with 2 x GE combo interfaces
ISCOM5800E-10GEX2-2GE, 10GE service card with 2 x 10GE XFP and 2 x GE SFP interfaces
SUB-PWRM-DC, intelligent power supply card with voltage monitoring and alarm, -48V DC
SUB-PWRM-AC, intelligent power supply card with voltage monitoring and alarm, 220V AC

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