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 The fiber amplifier is a 2U rack-mount device with a dual-power backup chassis.
Provide 16 or 4 data port and 1 CATV port input, simultaneity, 16 or 4 data + CATV mixed signal output port, Users in remote side can query and configure states and parameters through display of the panel, control button and NMS of Raisecom.

Automatic Power Control allows a maintaining constant output power of the amplified optical signal
Power supply board, network management board and fan board support hot-plugging
Working wavelength between 1540nm~1565nm
Er-Yb co-doped double-clad amplifier: Pump leaks processing technology
High stability and reliability: MTBF >17 Years
Intelligent temperature control system
Support remote network management
Saturated output total power: typical value 1.0 W; Input power: -3~ +10dBm
Noise coefficient: Max. 6dBm
Input and output pump leakage: -35dBm and -45dBm
Return loss: Max. -45dBm
Polarization Dependent Gain: Max. 0.3dBm
Polarization Mode Dispersion: Max. 0.5ps

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