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Multi-Service Chassis:

 The Raisecom RC3000-15 is an intelligent multi-service access platform and is mainly applied in cost-effective utility and dedicated networks. The device is a Digital Access and Cross-connect System (DACS) that integrates the following functions: digital/analog access, cross-connection and transmission. RC3000-15 is compatible with the Multi-Service Terminal Mux and can be synthesized under the Raisecom NView system for real-time configuration, management, monitoring and trapping.

Available with 4 x STM-1 and 2 x GE at line side; 7U chassis with 15 slots
Support non-blocking cross-connect of up to 4096 DS0 channels
Support EOS
Support 1+1 protection over STM-1 optical interface
Available with sub-cards supporting electrical/optical E1, FE, FXS, FXO, 2/4W E&M, magneto, hotline, dry contact, co-directional 64K, V.35, V.24, RS232, RS422, RS485 at client side
Configurable E1 interface gain mode to expand transmission distance
Support software configurable attenuation of each TX/RX channel with increments of 0.1dB for voice modules
Support Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) for inverse multiplex modules
DXC module supports alarm input and output, external clock supports 2Mbps and 2MHz
All sub-cards hot-swappable
Support 1+1 protection over E1 and PSU/DXC cards
Power supply and fan modules with monitor
Support Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) and Build-in BERT
Support inside and outside loopback for individual tributary cards
Support VCC channel for remote network management
SNMP (NView compatible) via in-band and out-of-band network channels

System and Sub-cards
RC3000-15-A, 7U/15-slot chassis with ventilation modules only
RC3000-15-DXC, system management & Control Card
SUB-BITS-CLK, insert on the DXC card to provide 2Mbit and 2MHz external clock function
RC3000-15-STM1, SDH aggregate unit with two STM-1 optical interfaces with SFP connector, 4 FE interfaces and 4 E1 unbalanced or
balanced interfaces with DB37 connector.
RC3000-15-8E1, E1 tributary unit with 8E1 unbalanced or balanced interfaces, support 1+1 port/card protection
RC3000-15-P240-4FE-OPT-S1, PDH tributary unit with dual optical interfaces for redundancy and 4 FE interfaces and 8 E1s transmission capacity
RC3000-15-32FXS, 2-wire Foreign Exchange Subscriber(FXS) interface card, 32 interfaces per card, DB37 connector
RC3000-15-32FXO, 2-wire Foreign Exchange Office(FXO) interface card, 32 interfaces per card, DB37 connector
RC3000-15-8S8O, 2-wireFXS and FXO interface card, 8-channel FXS and 8-channel FXO interfaces per card, DB37 connector.
RC3000-15-16E&M, 2/4wire E&M interface card, 16 interfaces per card, HDB26 connector
RC3000-15-8ETHP, High speed Ethernet interface card, it provides 8 channels 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, data rate:
N×64Kbps (N=1~31)
RC3000-15-8RS232H, low speed RS232 data interface card with handshaking, up to 57.6Kbps RS232, 8 interfaces per card with
RJ45 connector
RC3000-15-8RS485, low speed RS485/RS422 data interface card, up to 38.4Kbps RS485/RS422 data, 8 interfaces per card with
RJ45 connector
RC3000-15-8V35, high speed V.35 synchronous data interface card, 8 interfaces per card, user selectable data rate N × 64Kbps of
N (1~31)
RC3000-15-8V24H, low speed V.24 data interface card with handshaking, up to 128Kbps V.24 synchronous data 8 interfaces per card
RC3000-15-16C64K, G.703 Co-directional of 64Kbps data interface card, 16 interfaces per card, RJ45 connector

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