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Продукция Raisecom в Украине

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Продукция Raisecom : 

Ethernet over Everything:

Ethernet over Copper (SHDSL.bis):
RC1108-SHDSL-2Wx8, RC1104

 The RC1108 is a SHDSL.bis aggregation module compatible with the iTN2100, OPCOM3500E and RC3000-15 chassis. By supporting TC-PAM128 technology, it can
deliver symmetrical data of up to 15Mbps per 2-wire. This module allows for transmission
of E1 and FE services over STM1/4 or Metro Ethernet through copper cable, and satisfies
the need for both bandwidth and permanent data connections. The RC1104 series are SHDSL CPEs, which can extend the transmission of E1 and/or Ethernet services over 4-wire copper allowing service providers to deliver cost-effective broadband access and leased-line services. Powered by TC-PAM128 technology and EFM-bonding, symmetrical data services can be offered at the rate of up to 15Mbps per pair of wires and allow for a maximum transmission distance of 2.6km (under lab conditions) through 0.4mm 2-wire copper cable. The RC1104
is mainly used to extend Ethernet or E1 service cost effectively, and is perfect for fast deployment of massive units. RC1104 devices can work in pairs or be aggregated by the RC1108. By employing the integrated Raisecom NView system, carriers can effectively
configure parameters and monitor performance using the graphic user interface (GUI) integrated in all the devices.

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