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 The OPCOM600 and OPCOM100 series is Raisecom's latest generation of highcapacity
18-channel CWDM and 40-channel DWDM systems for provision of up to 18 independent CWDM services or 40 independent DWDM services over a single fiber. Opcom600 features a complete rack-mountable modular design that enables the pay-as-you-grow solution. It also utilizes up to 60 different types of sub-cards including transponders wavelength multiplexers,
add-and-drop modules, sub-rate MUX ponders, channel protection modules and optical line protection modules, to meet versatile application scenarios. The device ensures maximum uptime with full system redundancy and easy troubleshooting via the SNMP management platform.

Available with 18 CWDM wavelengths or 40 DWDM wavelengths over a single-strand fiber
Support transmission of 0 ~ 10Gbps per channel
High performance separated design of MUX/DE-MUX & CWDM/DWDM transponder
Offer rich types of MUX/DE-MUX units including passive, hardened and manageable modules for different applications
Support wide range of CWDM/DWDM transponders and muxponders
Support optical add-and-drop module for chain and ring topologies
Support channel, path or line protection schemes for maximum uptime
Compatible with iTN2100-12 chassis for hosting and network management

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